Telugu New Ringtones

Different types of ting tone genres

Ringtones, the identification marks are actually introduced to inform the user about a particular number is calling him/her. But, the concept of ringtones has changed a lot with the introduction of movie tones. For example, Telugu ringtones are widely chosen by people in India because of the variety in music. Many famous Telugu songs have become the ringtones of people all over India.

Earlier, simple phone bells like ‘tring tring’ were used as caller tunes. This was gradually changed into the concept of personalization with the arrival of movie ringtones. Ringtones are generally divided into 3; monotone, polyphonic and true tone. These varieties have their own unique features and impacts on our ears. Monotone genre used Musical instrument digital interface and can play one sound at a time.

This technology makes use of different electronic machines like mobiles, computers, musical instruments, synthesizers, sound cards to work synchronically with each other to manage the intensity and pitch of musical notes. Polyphonic tones also use MIDI technology and can play more than one notes at a time. This genre is a complex sounding system, offering you high sound quality.

True tone is the last and latest addition that is the real musical piece. It plays original beats, notes and lyrics of the composition. It offers highest quality of music and adds more to the profit of mobile ring tones. There are many online sources offering you quality Telugu ringtones to set in your phone as your dialer ton. Choose the most reliable site and enjoy the music.